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cdrdao license issues show that cdrtools package is non DFSG, too?

As you might have noticed cdrdao is dead at moment, it is GPLv2 but
requires the included non-free library libedc_ecc. See #162788.

Please take a look at
before you post any answers, the short sum up is not the whole story.

cdrtools uses this library, too, the license is:
	The libedc_ecc sources are protected intellectual property
	of Heiko Eißfeldt.

	The libedc_ecc sources are definitely not under GPL.

Heiko Eißfeldt grants a special permission to use this library 
limited to the following projects:

	-	cdrecord/cdrtools

	-	cdrdao

	-	vcdimager

You may not use this library in any other project without prior getting
the explicit permission from Heiko Eißfeldt.

If you are using this library in a project that has been permitted to use
libedc_ecc, you need to modify the license of your project in a way that
it will not affect the license of libedc_ecc. If your project is licensed
under GPL, you need to modify the license in a way that section 2 (commonly
called GPL infection) does not apply to libedc_ecc and does not change
the licence of libedc_ecc in any way.

IANAL and don't understand the whole issue, but Joerg Schilling says
he has got explicit permssion to use it in cdrtools, but any derived
version without explicit permission from libedc_ecc's author would be
illegal, imho this includes Debian's cdrtools package.

I hope you can make more sense out of this than I could. Sorry for
the low quality of my English, and _please_ read the thread.

Perhaps Debian could solve this issue once and forever by paying 250
Euros to libedc_ecc's author, Heiko Eißfeldt?


                          cu andreas
PS: Please Cc me on replies.

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