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Re: New MP3 License Terms Demand $0.75 Per Decoder


    New MP3 License Terms Demand $0.75 Per Decoder

    *Posted by chrisd[1] on Tuesday August 27, @03:27PM*

    *from the good-thing-ogg-is-up-to-speed dept.*

    Götz[2] writes "The licensing terms of Thomson and the Fraunhofer
    Gesellschaft, who are the owners of the mp3 patents, have changed.
    Now not only mp3 encoders but also mp3 decoders require a license.
    This page lists the fees[3] -- it's $0.75 per decoder. As a
    consequence, Red Hat has already removed all mp3 players from the
    Rawhide development version." 

    1. http://www.dibona.com
    2. mailto:waschk@gmx.FREEBSDnet
    3. http://www.mp3licensing.com/royalty/software.html

I wonder whether it's time to cease all mp3 players from Debian as well.



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