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Re: Bug#158529: vcg does not have a usable license

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 02:52:24PM -0500, starner@okstate.edu wrote:
> Yeah.  I don't think it is distributable, and therefore not DFSG-free.
> While the copyright holder can certainly distribute obfuscated source
> and no one can tell him not to, the GNU GPL by which the licensees
> (i.e., we, and our users) are bound requires them to distribute source
> in the "preferred form for modification", which is not available from
> the copyright holder.  Licensees cannot meaningfully fulfill the
> requirements of the GNU GPL, therefore they "may not distribute the
> Software at all".

The code can be de-uglified with a combination of this perl script, and

while(<>){ $text.=$_; }
$text =~ s/\/\*[^\*]*;[^\*]*\*\///sg;
$text =~ s/\/\*[^\/]*;[^\/]*\*\///sg;
print $text

Would I be able to fulfill the requirements of the GNU GPL by modifying
the files like this?

Should this be done in the debian diff, or a new orig.tar.gz?

Note to debian-legal: please CC me and/or the bug, as I am not 

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