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Re: non-software violates social contract?

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 20:32, Aaron Swartz wrote:
> I think it's clear that graphics fonts and documentation are not 
> software.

I think it's clear you don't work with fonts or documentation.

Type1 and TrueType fonts are both Turing-complete language.
Non-bitmapped fonts are described as a program drawing the font splines,
and bitmapped fonts aren't copyrightable.

PDF and PS documentation formats are Turing-complete languages, and XML
(and SGML) are just alternate forms of expressing S-exps, used in LISPs
for programming. TeX and nroff are also Turing-complete, or at the very
least can make calls to the shell.

What about a program that consists solely of printf statements, printing
static text? Is that documentation, or "software"?
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