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Re: mindterm copyright (more opensslish stuff)

On Tuesday 27 August 2002 12:17, Joey Hess wrote:
> So, they took the DES code from the ssh 1.2.26 source code (note that
> that version of ssh was non-free as a whole; openbsd chose an earlier
> version to fork). They rewrote it in java, but it is still presumably a
> derivative work.
> I think they're wrong that "original code is hence nowadays under a
> stricter license": instead the license of whatever version of the code was
> originally used is the one mindterm would inherit as a derivative work. I
> downloaded ssh 1.2.16, and found the following license in des.c:

I agree.  If this was not the case how could groups like OpenBSD fork older, 
free versions of software?  How could you have the right to package and 
upload MindTerm?

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