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non-software violates social contract?

[I hope this is the right list for this, please let me know.]

I've noticed a lot of worrying about things like non-free graphics, non-free fonts and non-free documentation. People file bugs saying they violate the DFSG and thus the social contract. Well, there's a more serious issue here. The social contract says:

"1. Debian Will Remain 100% Free Software"

I think it's clear that graphics fonts and documentation are not software. I could read this requirement two ways:

1) Debian is only software and everything else is not allowed in our packages.
2) All software in Debian must be free software.

Unless we're using some weird definition of software, I don't see how one can read this to say everything in Debian must be DFSG-free. I'd suggest that non-free non-software be allowed in Debian. Am I missing something?

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