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Re: [Fwd: Re: font licensing]

Michael Cardenas wrote:
> Please review the license below and let me know if it meets the
> dfsg. I think it does, but I'm unsure of this clause:
> "3] A modified font can be included in any non-profit and for-profit
>    software package as long as it's done free of charge with the
>    rules above met.  The person(s) who modified the font may not
>    profit from the modified font whatsoever."

I don't think this license is DFSG-Free.  Later in the license for-profit
organizations have to ask permission to include fonts licensed under this
license.  I thought Debian allowed (even encouraged) for-profit
redistribution of Debian GNU/Linux, for instance.

> Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person using
> these Fonts and associated files to:
> 1] Install and use the fonts in any medium.

Just a question that doesn't necessarily impinge on Debian: May I install
the fonts on as many machines as I want?

> 2] Distribute the fonts, provided that you include all of the
>    original associated files, free of charge.

This makes it sound like selling the fonts is not allowed (and later it is
clear making profit is not allowed).  Doesn't this raise a problem for DFSG

> You may modify a font, provided that you meet all of these rules:
> 1] You may add or change glyphs in the original fonts, provided that
>    the original font name remains intact, but can be augmented.

But I can't remove glyphs?  Seems like this goes against DFSG 3 (Derived
Works) because it looks like some modifications are not allowed.

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