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Re: [Fwd: Re: font licensing]

Michael Cardenas <michaelc@lindows.com> wrote:
> 2] Distribute the fonts, provided that you include all of the
>    original associated files, free of charge.
> 3] Include the fonts in any non-profit software packages without
>    express written permission from the author.

I'm a little confused here.  Are you allowed to charge for the fonts
or not?  Debian needs, at least, to be able to charge for fonts "as a
component of an aggregate software distribution".

> 2. Modification rights and limitations.
> You may modify a font, provided that you meet all of these rules:
> 1] You may add or change glyphs in the original fonts, provided that
>    the original font name remains intact, but can be augmented.
> 2] You may distribute a modified font, free of charge, provided that
>    you include:
>   a) information stating that ?NIGMA FONTS and/or Brian Kent was the
>      original creator of the original font * @
>   b) the original font and it's associated files included with the
>      font package (OPTIONAL).

If this is really optional, I would put it at the end of the clause.  As in

  You may also, at your option, include the original font and it's
  associated files.

You can also remove it entirely, since it seems redundant.

Walter Landry

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