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Re: OpenSSL-linked exim

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 08:54:38AM +0100, Philip Hazel wrote:
> If Debian would like such a statement, then please can somebody send me
> the wording that they want, and I will probably have no problem
> inserting it. Basically, I don't apply any restriction on linking Exim
> with any library you like, and distributing the resulting binary.
> (Obviously, the licencing terms of the library must be respected.)
> However, the usual GPL conditions apply: the people to whom it is
> distributed must have access to all the source of the Exim part.

Hmm... even though Exim is not a library, this sounds like exactly the
conditions of the LGPL.  Perhaps that license would be a better fit?

Richard Braakman

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