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packages using lame

Well, I was referred here:

I have filed a couple of ITP on packages that mainly have to do with
video capturing and encoding. Since these are relatively new packages,
there is quite some work to be done in that field (debian and upstream).

In practice (and untill full ogg becomes an option or is practically
included in standard formats), most tools use libmp3lame to some degree
(if it's clean, dynamically linked).

I've done a bit of homework, and mp3lame is not "packagable", at least
not in an official capacity.

The question is about packages that "use" mp3lame. A lot of these
packages are seriously crippled if they do not have the ability to
encode to mp3-like formats.

Can one distribute e.g. nvrec or ffmpeg which links against mp3lame under 
As fas as I read the Debian Contract, the software itself is completely
free, the dependencies are a problem.

Is runtime linking the only option? (e.g. cripple the package's
functionality if libmp3lame is not on the system).

	greetz, marc
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