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Re: Encoding the name in the file contents

Henning Makholm writes:
 > Scripsit Frank Mittelbach <frank.mittelbach@latex-project.org>
 > > Henning Makholm writes:
 > >  > Would you consider the second of these options acceptable?
 > > who is the you in your question?
 > Good question. The "you" I had in mind was Frank Mittelbach (or
 > whoever has the power to decide what's in the next version of the
 > LPPL) 

then the you Frank Mittelbach says this would be an option (or is pretty sure
it is an option) as outlined in my earlier post. It wuold howeveronly be an
option (ie an alternative to the identifcation "name" change) as we believe it
is normally better to try and enlarge/enrich the ULL.

You :-)

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