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Re: Encoding the name in the file contents

Scripsit Frank Mittelbach <frank.mittelbach@latex-project.org>

> If it would be done via something like \NeedsTeXFormat{latex2e} then LPPL
> would need to state
> that in case of modification and distribution
>  - you either rename your work with respect to its loading name for
>    LaTeX (ie if you want to keep "\NeedsTeXFormat{latex2e}"). That
>    way it would become a further set of definitions adding to the
>    LaTeX Language (LL) and if that derived work is put under LPPL
>    also to ULL
>  - or that you change to \NeedsTeXFormat{sniffenlatex} if your work is
>    intended for a "nonLaTeX" fork in which case you could keep the name.

I'm not sure that it would make any difference to the people who currently
consider the renaming requirement nonfree - but just as a data point:
Would you consider the second of these options acceptable?

Henning Makholm       "It was intended to compile from some approximation to
                 the M-notation, but the M-notation was never fully defined,
                because representing LISP functions by LISP lists became the
 dominant programming language when the interpreter later became available."

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