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GNU FDL 1.2 draft comment summary posted, and RFD

Very quietly, and without mailing me -- who asked them twice about this
subject and CCed Linux Weekly News the second time -- the FSF has
updated their FDL webpage.

"A representative collection of the comments that we received is
available. We are still considering the 1.2 draft, and no release date
for the license has yet been set."

This is certainly not cause for optimism from Debian's perspective.
Many of us have issues with the current version (1.1) of the GNU FDL,
and it does not appear that any revision is forthcoming.

I speculate that one or both of the following is true:

* The FSF is tied up with internal disputes over some very fundmental
  principles that the GNU FDL -- and the comments they received --
  touch upon.
* The FSF has insufficient resources to allocate to the FDL 1.2 project
  at this time.

Given that, it is my intent to develop an unambiguously DFSG-free
alternative to the OPL and GNU FDL.  Until I think of a better name, I
guess I will call this the DFCL: the Debian Free Content License.  Of
course, it will only merit the "Debian" part if the Project is able to
endorse it, so I will be needing the feedback of the people on this
mailing list.

My initial strategy is going to be to start from a simple base, like the
OPL without its optional clauses, and add concepts from the GNU GPL, and
the published GNU FDL draft.  My main goals are:

* keep the license simple
* copyleft
* be scoped to embrace more than just technical documentation
* no compelled advertising
* unambiguously DFSG-free
* to appeal to people who are already using the OPL or GNU FDL
  (especially the latter)


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