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Re: GNU FDL 1.2 draft comment summary posted, and RFD

Something else I thought of that the license may wish to address. Right
now, the Debian autobook package is non-free, despite it being in a
non-proprietary format, and under a free license. This is because it was
generated from LaTeX source with latex2html, and without the source it
has to be in non-free. I would prefer that the new license not demand
"source" of any kind (which is probably some proprietary Quark or
PageMaker thing much of the time), but instead just an open format.

This may also be a problem in the DFSG's definition of source, too. It
would be disappointing of the DFSG ended up mandating distribution of
proprietary formats rather than open ones; I'd like to see this dealt
with in this license if possible, since I would guess that the DFSG is
much harder to update than the license.

(See bug #136197 for more information on this.)
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