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Re: GNU FDL 1.2 draft comment summary posted, and RFD

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:
> My initial strategy is going to be to start from a simple base, like the
> OPL without its optional clauses, and add concepts from the GNU GPL, and
> the published GNU FDL draft.  My main goals are:
> * keep the license simple
> * copyleft
> * be scoped to embrace more than just technical documentation
> * no compelled advertising
> * unambiguously DFSG-free
> * to appeal to people who are already using the OPL or GNU FDL
>   (especially the latter)
> Comments?

How about making it compatible with the GPL?  It would be really nice
to be able to take documentation and put it into a program, and vice

To that end, I would suggest making it simply the GPL but with a
clarification of what object code means.  In particular, since source
code is well defined ("preferred form of the work for making
modifications to it"), I would say that object code is anything
derived from source code but not actually source code itself.

That might not appeal to people who are already using the GNU FDL,
since may they like all of those annoying extra provisions.  I don't
think that there is much that we can do for them.

Walter Landry

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