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Re: FireBird (InterBase 6.0-beta) MPL-like license for review

Grzegorz Prokopski <greg@sente.pl> wrote:
> I also thought about other possible issue - dynamic linking w GPL code.
> I will probably be packaging User Defined Functions for the engine.
> They are dynamic libraries, distributed by thrid parties.
> Some of them are GPL. Will it be any problem here?

Probably.  If the dynamic libraries use any code under this MPL'ish
license (e.g. from header files), then they can't really release the
compiled library under the GPL.  The two licenses are not compatible.
You could ask the library authors to make a special exemption, much
like the Lyx license (http://www.lyx.org/about/license.php3).

Walter Landry

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