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Re: FireBird (InterBase 6.0-beta) MPL-like license for review

W liście z pon, 29-04-2002, godz. 00:20, Walter Landry pisze: 
> Grzegorz Prokopski <greg@sente.pl> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > 
> > Because I am putting more and more work into FireBird packages
> > and they're still not in Debian - I feel the need to be sure
> > that the packages I create will be DFSG-compliant.
> It looks fine.  The verbiage about patents is not really free, but as
> long as no one is enforcing patents related to this software, then it
> should be ok.  It also has an annoying advertising clause, but that's
> still ok for main.

Thank you for quick answer.

I also thought about other possible issue - dynamic linking w GPL code.

I will probably be packaging User Defined Functions for the engine.
They are dynamic libraries, distributed by thrid parties.
Some of them are GPL. Will it be any problem here?

Best regards

				Grzegorz Prokopski

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