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Re: Crypto++ licencing

Stephen Zander wrote:
> No, I meant what I said.  While at least one country in the world
> refuses to recognise software patents, there will be a safe place for
> that which we currently call "non-US" to exist (the fact that it's
> currently called "non-US" rather than "non-encumbered" or something
> else is irrelevant to me).  If every nation in the world supports
> software patents, then Debian will no longer be able to package
> potentially patent infringing code because it will be illegal to do
> so everywhere (yes, that last staement is a tautology).

The Netherlands already recognizes software patents, but Debian
would be free to package and distribute infringing code from
a Dutch server. Only *commercial* distribution is forbidden by
the patent laws of most countries. Debian is a non-profit
organization and so immune to Dutch patent law.

> I don't believe the US will ever stop supporting softare patents;
> there's too much money at stake.

By the same reasoning, the EC member states should also all
support software patents. The European industry also has a
lot of money at stake in software-related R&D (all the
software in DVD players and mobile phones, for example).



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