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Re: Financial Restrictions (Was Re: teTeX Documentation Licenses (A), (D) & (H))

"C.M. Connelly" <c@eskimo.com> wrote:

> "TB" == Thomas Bushnell, BSG <tb@becket.net>
>     >> A.
>     >> [...]
>     >> You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or
>     >> use of this file or modified versions or fragments thereof,
>     >> except for a nominal charge for copying etc.
>     >> D. 
>     >> [...]
>     >> Permission is granted to reproduce the document in any way
>     >> providing that it is distributed for free, except for any
>     >> reasonable charges for printing, distribution, staff time,
>     >> etc.  Direct commercial exploitation is not permitted.
>     >> Extracts may be made from this document providing an
>     >> acknowledgement of the original source is maintained.

Looks like words lifted from the Artistic license ( "Reasonable copying
fee" is whatever you can justify on the basis of media cost, duplication
charges, time of people involved, and so on.)

>     >> H.
>     >> [...]
>     >> You are {\em not allowed\/} to take money for the
>     >> distribution or use of this file except for a nominal
>     >> charge for copying, etc.  Redistribution of unchanged files
>     >> is allowed provided that the whole package is distributed.
>     [From discussion of D]
>     TB> The limitation on copying fees mean that these files
>     TB> cannot be in Debian, but they can be in the non-free
>     TB> archive.

I disagree.


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