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Re: Data licenses

    I believe that 
    data in a database (by that I mean a structured table or a collection of 
    structured tables maybe with a common data) are rather specific too and need 
    a specific licence.

I think the question "what is the right license for data bases"
is too broad to be useful; different data bases might call for
different licenses.

     Furthermore, in Europe at least, there exists laws about 
    databases, defining what is allowed and what is not, and defining also "sui 
    generis rights" (I do not yet know the details of that but I'll collect 

That law is a serious threat to our freedom to make free data bases.
It is fortunate that the US still does not have such a law.
It is true that this means some databases cannot be copylefted,
but at the same time, these laws can't be used to restrict us.

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