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Re: Data licenses

Thank you very much for your answer.

Le Dimanche 4 Novembre 2001 07:07, Richard Stallman a écrit :
>     What is the adequate licence for data, allowing the data to be
> accessible by all, used in all circumstances, and garanties the fact that
> all "redived datas" are to be accessible in the very same way ?
> You can use the GPL--it will work for anything as long as you
> can figure out what "source code" refers to.  The definition
> of "source code" in the GPL is actually quite general, so you
> can probably get it to fit almost any sort of data.

Yes, I suppose GPL would work but, as far as FDL is more appropriate for 
documentation that is rather specicific and different in many aspects from 
what is usually refered to as "source code", I believe that 
data in a database (by that I mean a structured table or a collection of 
structured tables maybe with a common data) are rather specific too and need 
a specific licence. Furthermore, in Europe at least, there exists laws about 
databases, defining what is allowed and what is not, and defining also "sui 
generis rights" (I do not yet know the details of that but I'll collect 
information). This has to be taken into account somehow.

If no such appropriate "free" (as GPL) licence for data in database exists, 
I'll try to sketch one and send it to the community for comments.

> This is assuming that there is a copyright on the database.  That is
> not true for all databases.  For instance, the data base of phone
> subscribers and their phone numbers is not copyrightable in the US.
> If the database is not copyrightable, no such license can be used
> on it.

Thank you to add this point I had forgotten.

Best regards,

Nicolas Pettiaux
Avenue du Pérou 29
B-1000 Brussels

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