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Date licenses


GPL applies to software programs and garantie their freedomn the freefom of 
their users as well as the fact that all users and developpers are equal with 
respect to the software and its future developpements.

FDL does the same for the documentation and applies to most written text.

What is the adequate licence for data, allowing the data to be accessible by 
all, used in all circumstances, and garanties the fact that all "redived 
datas" are to be accessible in the very same way ? 

Does such a piece already exist ? If yest where can I find it ? 

If not, is it something FSF could consider ?

The point comes from the following : I am working in an environnement where 
we deal with large databases, for example about geographical datas or 
companies, that we (= some of us) would like to be governed by such a licence 
that would apply to data and garantee their free and fair use.

Thank you for your help and advices,


PS please reply cc. to me as I do not read the liste debian-legal regularly.
Nicolas Pettiaux
Avenue du Pérou 29
B-1000 Brussels

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