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Re: cthugha (non-free) license

Scripsit Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>

> I keep hearing, though I have not had the opportunity to verify this
> with a Real Lawyer(tm), that public domain has one drawback; you can't
> attach a no-warranty statement to it.

It may mean (no: it does mean) that you cannot force other people to
transmit your no-warranty statement along with the software when they
share the software.

So the situation would be something like:

1. A writes software, contributes it to the public domain and
   distributes it with a warranty disclaimer.

2. B downloads software from A's site, strips off the warranty
   disclaimer and gives the resulting software to C.

3. C uses software, which is buggy and wreaks havoc in some way.

4. C sues A.

I know U.S. courts are generally insane about damages suits, but
would they really be so insane as to let C win over A here?

> Else you risk getting sued when the stuff breaks.

You always risk getting sued. You can guard yourself against losing, though.

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