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Re: cthugha (non-free) license

Me wrote:
> > provide a last archive with another license. My question is: what
> > keeps cthugha from being free?

Thank you for your reply (and getting it from the archive and 
going through it). You nearly answered the q. that i had on mind:

What is the quickest, most painless way (for him) to get a quite 
unresponsive ex-upstream maintainer to provide a free license?

> If he is moving on, just ask him to public domain it just as the
> people did before him.

Thanks. Now for the details:

> The remainder of the source (not already public domain, no explicit
>  author's copyright notice) is Copyright 1995-97 by Harald
> Deischinger.
>  The source code may be copied freely and may be used in other

I think this may remain? While this has to be changed:

> programs under the following conditions:
> It may not be used in a commercial program without prior
> permission. Please credit the author (in general, credit Cthugha,
> Torps Productions and Harald Deischinger) as the source of the code.

What about the begging for credits? I never understood why this is not 
in DFSG 4.). Is that against 9.? It is also done in the hello package.

However, i find it nearly impossible for a non-native english speaker 
to completely understand even the DFSG. I try often, but heading and 
content of each paragraph appear to me to have 'nothing in common'.

(What does 7. mean "need for execution of an additional license'. I 
execute programs for a long time, but admit i never got this sentence.)
As much as i try, i have sometimes difficulties following even a german 
lawyer. I never restricted my own software and, honestly, i feel quite 
secure with my compiler and without your help, i would rather rewrite 
this program from scratch before i'd start to sort out all that legal 
stuff. That's why i was asking in the first place. So:

Thanks for your help - i'm afraid i will need a little more 
(decrescendo to whispering ... ;) Greetings, martin

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