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Re: cthugha (non-free) license

>> The remainder of the source (not already public domain, no explicit
>>  author's copyright notice) is Copyright 1995-97 by Harald
>> Deischinger.
>>  The source code may be copied freely and may be used in other
> I think this may remain? While this has to be changed:

yes public domain essentially gives all possible rights with no restrictions.

>> programs under the following conditions:
>> It may not be used in a commercial program without prior
>> permission. Please credit the author (in general, credit Cthugha,
>> Torps Productions and Harald Deischinger) as the source of the code.
> What about the begging for credits? I never understood why this is not 
> in DFSG 4.). Is that against 9.? It is also done in the hello package.

credit is fine, recall the BSD license did that for years.  It is a grey area
which we should define better.

> However, i find it nearly impossible for a non-native english speaker 
> to completely understand even the DFSG. I try often, but heading and 
> content of each paragraph appear to me to have 'nothing in common'.

lawyerese is hard even for native speakers.

> (What does 7. mean "need for execution of an additional license'. I 
> execute programs for a long time, but admit i never got this sentence.)
> As much as i try, i have sometimes difficulties following even a german 
> lawyer. I never restricted my own software and, honestly, i feel quite 
> secure with my compiler and without your help, i would rather rewrite 
> this program from scratch before i'd start to sort out all that legal 
> stuff. That's why i was asking in the first place. So:

What 7 is trying to say is "your rights must be governed only by the license of
the software and any software it is derived from".  Something like "this may
only be GPL if you also qualify for FooLicense" would break this clause.

So back to your problems.  You need to get the current author AND the holders
of any copyrights to assign either a free license or the rights to you so
that you can assign a free license.

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