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Re: Group Copyright

>> Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

 > On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 07:04:22PM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
 > > AIUI, the correct Mail-Copies-To: header is "never", not "nobody".
 > Can you direct me to a reference for canonical usage of this header?
 > I'd appreciate it a great deal.

 Uhm?  Is this Branden writing?  Given how much you rant about this, I
 would have guessed you already had this information.  AFAIK the closest
 thing to a RFC regarding this is what Richard already mentioned.  It
 should be emphasized that this is something *newsreaders* use.  What
 the author says using this header is that he doesn't want email copies
 of Usenet posts, which is similar but not the same as mailing lists.

 > > Anyway, mutt disregards that header as well. I use Mail-Followup-To:
 > > instead (for exactly the opposite purpose, but it can be used for yours),
 > > which mutt does recognize. I remember having a discussion with Tollef
 > > Fog Heen (on -mentors, I think) about this.
 > Thanks; I'll enable these in my .muttrc, most of which dates back to
 > mutt 0.6x something.  :)

 Here's something if you want to make a page to point people to instead
 of yelling at them everytime you get Cc'ed on list mail.

    * Mail-Followup-To isn't standard either.  Some MUAs honor that
      header, but those that don't aren't broken nor breaking any
      standard.  In a perfect world every MUA would honor it.  The most
      effective way to get widespread support would be to ask MUA users
      to ask MUA authors to support this.  Among the reasons why this
      would be good you can say that some people don't want to get Cc'ed
      on list mail while other people want to get Cc'ed on list mail.
      Just setting a list policy, like lists.debian.org does, regarding
      this isn't enough because that's imposing the list master's
      preference on every user.  Other reason is that *not* Cc'ing
      people on list mail saves bandwidth and for a lot of people
      arround the world, money, too.

    * In the specific case of mutt, out of the box it will generate
      M-F-t headers that request Cc'ing the author on list email.  The
      generation of that header is crontrolled using the followup_to
      variable.  Setting it to 'yes' (the default) makes mutt generate
      the header.  Controlling the *contents* of the header is the task
      of other commands, namely "lists" and "subscribe".  With "lists"
      the user tells mutt which addresses should be handled as mailing
      lists.  Among other things it can be used to trim down the ammount
      of addresses in To and Cc headers when replying to list mail using
      the 'list-reply' function.  If the followup_to option is set, mutt
      will generate said header setting its contents to the people *you*
      are sending the reply to (and will include your own address if you
      aren't subscribed to the list, which can be achieved, you guessed
      it, using the 'subscribe' command).  If the honor_followup_to is
      set, mutt will set the contents of the file to the original
      contents (plus the mailing list, if you are list-reply'ing)

    * A list of "good citizens" would be nice to have, that is, a list
      of MUAs which support this header.  A list of configuration
      instructions for specific MUAs would be a plus.

 The explanation regarding mutt's handling of M-F-t is somewhat
 simplified but I think it's accurate.

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