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Re: Questions concerning S/390 OCO-modules

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:08:02PM +0200, Jochen R?hrig wrote:
> I assume you are referring to this part of the license agreement:
>   "You will ensure that anyone who uses the Program does so only in
>    compliance with the terms of this Agreement."
> If we force the user to read the license before installing the modules (as
> I suggested in a preinstall script, or in a script that is launched during
> bootstrap time, in case (s)he needs one of the modules during
> installation) and force him to agree to the license (by not installing
> the modules or not bootstrapping Debian if he answers "no"), wouldn't
> this mean that from this time on he would be the "You" who has to ensure
> that he will use the modules in compliance with the license and that
> Debian couldn't be made responsible any longer for any violations of the
> license?

Yes.  However, this would not remove anyone from the "you" set.

Removing people from the "you" set would depend on the local laws,
and thus would vary from place to place.


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