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Re: Group Copyright

and I also understand that along the same line there are people who
dislike the copyright law, but the world at large (including us), has
agreed upon UN conventions *to protect* basic rights world-wide!

It may be the *intent* of the DMCA to protect "basic rights", but as
applied in the United States it's doing quite the opposite.

So, is the DMCA is not being applied properly, or the DMCA is not
implementing the WIPO Treaties correctly? What is your standpoint?
Or, better, what is Debian's standpoint? The free software community
is ready to follow the IEEE standards in order to ensure compatibility,
and is spreading his works all over the planet, but is also very shy
with copyright. It is a good having a Linux journal published by the
ACM, and cooperate with IEEE for better standards, but what about
WIPO? The DMCA is not really a concern here, right?

Ends do not justify means, nor means ends.

JAP (Jet Another Philosopher)


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