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Re: wxWindows licence

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 05:20:35PM -0500, David Starner wrote:
> > Binaries under this license would be DFSG free if the wxWindows Library
> > License is DFSG free, and if every other license, needed to build the
> > binaries, was no more restrictive than the GPL.
> So it doesn't matter what other licenses are linked with it, as long as
> it comes as source (which it does.) "needed to build the binaries" is
> incorrect in any place - GPL'ed Delphi code can (and I believe does) exist
> and is not unfree because it needs Delphi to build.

I think it's the opposite situation that applies here..  The library is
guaranteed to always be free by the licence, but it allows you to build
non-free binaries that link to it.

What I was trying (perhaps badly) to make explicit in the summary is that
not all the code used to build the debs may fall under the terms of the
exception, some may be pure LGPL, in which case anyone wanting to produce
non-free apps with the wxwin .debs would have to check the licencing of
what they were using closely.  People distributing GPL/LGPL apps have
nothing to worry about.


(currently it does all fall under the exception, but later we might enable
some of the features that do not if people want them)

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