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Re: Chemical modelling software

On 21-Aug-00, 14:59 (CDT), Drew Parsons <dfparsons@ucdavis.edu> wrote: 
> viewmol supplies source which compiles (and also an rpm, which segfaulted
> under potato). The copyright statement inside their documentation indicates
> that "Permission to use, copy, and distribute VIEWMOL in its entirety, for
> non-commercial and non-military purposes, is hereby granted without fee,
> provided that this license information and copyright notice appear in all
> copies."   They go on to state "Licenses for commercial use can be obtained
> from the author." without specifying what that license might entail (gratis
> or what?)   They also state that "Modification of the source code is
> permitted. ", and invite any modifications to be sent to them for inclusion
> in the official code.   

As Peter points out, "non-commercial and non-military" place it
non-free. I also don't see any permission to distribute modified
versions, which would prevent us from including it at all. This may well
not be what they mean to say, though, so it might be worth enquiring.


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