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Fwd: ITP: tct (The coroner's toolkit)

Andrew Stribblehill wrote:
  Could you confirm that the IBM public license is valid and that
  the below-mentioned mix of licenses is allowable in main?
  Andrew Stribblehill
  Systems Programmer IT Service, University of Durham, England

  License: Parts are IBM Public License v1
   (http://www.fish.com/tct/LICENSE) and the rest is a very
   slightly-modified BSD license (http://www.fish.com/tct/COPYRIGHT).

Umm, I don't think that the "slightly-modified" BSD license is free,
since it has the statement:

  No charge, other than an "at-cost" distribution fee, may be
  charged for copies, derivations, or distributions of this material
  without the express written consent of the copyright holders.

This prevents someone from selling CD's to make a profit, which runs
into problems with the DFSG.  So it can't go in main.  As for your
original question, I don't think that there is a collision between the
licenses.  Section 3 of the IBM license talks about distributing under
a different license.  As long as the original IBM code is still
available under the IBM license, everything is kosher.

Walter Landry

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