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Re: [Talin@ACM.org: Suggestions for wording...?]

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 12:06:24PM -0700, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> > > A special exception to the GPL listed below is that this
> > > program may be linked with any libraries or components that are
> > > distributed under a license that meets the Open Source Definition
> > > (http://www.opensource.org/osd.html), and that such components
> > > shall be considered seperate works, not covered under the terms
> > > of this license.
> > > ----
> > > However, I'm not sure that this language is legally sound. Please help
> > > me debug it.
> That's fine, however this software will then not be compatible with other
> pure-GPL software, which would prevent this kind of special-case.  I.e.
> "GPL, except ____" is an oxymoron as a license, though authors of GPL
> software may choose not to enforce it in certain circumstances (e.g.,
> Linus and binary-only kernel drivers).

No, many GNU programs have licenses of that type. GNAT's run time libraries
are all "GPL + you can do anything with them in binary form". Guile has a
license like that, too.

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