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Re: [Talin@ACM.org: Suggestions for wording...?]

Hopefully this clarifies Talin's request a bit..  I won't be able to
answer for at least 10 hours, probably longer.  I'm going to BED.

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 10:29:32AM -0700, Talin wrote:
> I recieved a few suggestions which, unfortunately, seem to be based on
> misunderstandings of what I'm asking for.
> The license that I want should have the following features:
> 	1. Be compatible with the GPL.
> 	2. Allow linking with other open-source licenses.
> 	3. Should be as restrictive as the GPL when it comes to proprietary
> software, i.e. it only allows linking with proprietary software in
> certain special cases.
> Here is the language I came up with:
> ----
> A special exception to the GPL listed below is that this
> program may be linked with any libraries or components that are
> distributed under a license that meets the Open Source Definition
> (http://www.opensource.org/osd.html), and that such components
> shall be considered seperate works, not covered under the terms
> of this license.
> ----
> However, I'm not sure that this language is legally sound. Please help
> me debug it.
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