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Re: outside USA

giulio <g.mazzolini@tiscalinet.it> writes:

>  Since my works could go every where in the world, in any country
> speaking any language, is the English GPL text of any validity outside
> non English speaking countries?

I believe the answer is "yes".

You should not translate the GPL except in close cooperating with the
FSF's attorneys.  The problem is that the following diagrame does not

American legal document		->	Italian legal document

         |					|
         v					v

Legal goals in context of		Legal goals in context of
American law			->      Italian law

So translating is not just a matter of translating the sentencs one by
one; it must be done by an expert in Italian and American law too.

You can go ahead and use the English text; if you want an Italian
text, talk to the FSF. 

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