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Re: outside USA

Scripsit giulio <g.mazzolini@tiscalinet.it>

> Should I use GPL for my works in the English version?

I would recomment that if you envisage international distribution.
It makes it easier for most of the people abroad to know which
license terms you are offering - and those people that do not
know which license terms you are offering cannot accept them
and is forced to not distribute your program.

> Should I need to pursue somebody in France, am I going
> to a French court?

Yes. Or, more likely, you pay a French lawyer to do so on your

> Since my works could go every where in the world, in any country
> speaking any language, is the English GPL text of any validity outside
> non English speaking countries?

I'd say yes. If I download your program and see that the license
is in English I have the option of not accepting the licence (in
which case I have no agreement with you and no right to copy your
program) or accepting the license even though English is not my
first language.

If, later, you decide that I am breaking your licence terms and take
me to court, there are two possibilities:

1) If you and I *agree* on what the license means, it is our shared
   agreement that defines the law between us. In that case it does
   not matter what is actually on the paper, as long as we both think
   it means the same. We may be the two only people in the world who
   interpret the text the way we do, but it is still our
   interpretation that governs.
2) If you and I *disagree* on what the license means (and the
   disagreement is important to the judge's decision), we will
   both try to convince the judge that the disagreement is the
   other party's fault. We may appeal to dictionaries or bring
   certified translators or English teachers as witnesses, and
   generally bring forth everything that led us to belive that
   our interpretation is right.

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