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Re: new version of pilrc with strange license addition

* David Starner in "Re: new version of pilrc with strange license
* addition" dated 2000/06/10 22:27 wrote:

> This is not only not free, I don't even think it's distributable in
> non-free. Yes, you can derive a work but only if it "is not
> considered a competing product to the PilRC distribution", which I
> would take to mean that it does something totally different from
> PilRC. My suggestion is to (a) discuss why this license is so nasty
> with the author and (b) explain why Debian won't carry it (Debian
> proper or non-free). You may want to consider forking the program.
> If you need some more discussion on the license before discussing it
> with the author, forward the whole thing to debian-legal, and I, at
> least, will dissect and discuss, if no one else will.

Apparently the author got enough resistance from all sides and decided
to change the license to GPL.

Ashley Clark

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