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Re: license of smapi

On 2000-06-08 at 23:39 +0200, Henning Makholm wrote:

> Scripsit Martin Butterweck <Martin_Butterweck@gmx.de>
> > 1) This code must not be sold.  Permission to post this file on "pay
> >    BBSes" is granted, as long as no extra fee (above and beyond the
> >    normal access charges) is required to download or access this code.
> > ---snap---
> > this means non-free, right ?
> Yes.

I suggest that you drop a note to Scott Dudley asking for clarification.  
I think what he is after is that he does not want someone charging for his
code specifically, which is essentially consistent with the DFSG.  I doubt
he intends that aggregation of his code into an archive or application
which is sold, which is the main focus of the DFSG, be prohibited.

> > 3) If you modify this code, you must keep the message format compatible.
> That is also non-free.
> (Wow, a sunstunt long before sun began doing them!)

I disagree here.  Dudley is trying to prevent people from making
proprietary "embrace and extend" changes to the message format.

This would be something like Debian requiring that no one make proprietary
changes to the .deb file format, or requiring that mail programs comply
with RFC822.  The whole point of Fidonet is that it defines a technical
file format which permits interaction between systems; if deviation from
that defined file format is permitted, the endeavor is pointless.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Although I hold a seat on the Fidonet Technical
Standards Committee, I am speaking only for myself here.

-- Mike

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