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Re: license of smapi

Scripsit Martin Butterweck <Martin_Butterweck@gmx.de>

> 1) This code must not be sold.  Permission to post this file on "pay
>    BBSes" is granted, as long as no extra fee (above and beyond the
>    normal access charges) is required to download or access this code.
> ---snap---
> this means non-free, right ?


> 3) If you modify this code, you must keep the message format compatible.

That is also non-free.

(Wow, a sunstunt long before sun began doing them!)

> Does that mean that I have the right to sell the code when I have made
> modifications to it ? weird.

Apparently, yes. (But still not free).

Henning Makholm                   "We will discuss your youth another time."

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