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license of smapi

hi, I ITP smapi (a lib needed by various fido software packages) but I am
not sure about the license... :) smapi was derived from the reference code
of the squish msgbase format, so its bound to the following license:


Squish MSGAPI0 is copyright 1991 by Scott J. Dudley.  All rights reserved.
Squish, SquishMail and Maximus are trademarks of Scott J. Dudley.

Although MSGAPI is copyrighted, you have been granted a limited licence
modify or to use MSGAPI in your applications.  The only restrictions on
the use of MsgAPI are:

1) This code must not be sold.  Permission to post this file on "pay
   BBSes" is granted, as long as no extra fee (above and beyond the
   normal access charges) is required to download or access this code.
this means non-free, right ?

2) If you use this code in your application, you are required to give
   credit for the MsgAPI code, and you must also indicate that "Squish"
   is a trademark of Scott J. Dudley.

3) If you modify this code, you must keep the message format compatible.
   If my original MsgAPI code cannot read from AND write to message areas
   created by your modified code, you may not label your application as
   being compatible with the Squish message format.

Aside from the above, there are few restrictions on the use of the
MSGAPI0 code.  As long as the above conditions are followed, MSGAPI may
be incorporated into any type of application, commercial or freeware.
and here it says I may incorporate it into commercial code even!
Does that mean that I have the right to sell the code when I have made
modifications to it ? weird.

[this line is intentionally left blank]

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