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Re: practical question on copying of our HTML code

On 2000-06-02 at 11:11 -0700, Mark Rafn wrote:

> > The critical question, then, is: what remedy should Debian seek here?
* * *
> Remedy?  They should give credit to Debian in the source, and make their
> source available.  Oh, wait - they do that already.

I disagree with this.  I think the copyright issue is secondary to the
trademark issue in importance, as I have said already.

By allowing someone to maintain a web site which looks almost exactly like
the Debian web site, including its distinctive appearance, including color
scheme, layout, display typography, and even the "swirl" graphic, I think
there is a substantial likelihood of public confusion.  That is, it is
reasonable for someone who is familiar with the Debian web site to assume
that such a close copy, although with entirely different text, implies
some connection or endorsement relationship with Debian.  This is a far
more serious problem than whether the HTML is credited.

-- Mike

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