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Re: practical question on copying of our HTML code

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Mike Bilow wrote:

> By allowing someone to maintain a web site which looks almost exactly like
> the Debian web site, including its distinctive appearance, including color
> scheme, layout, display typography, and even the "swirl" graphic, I think
> there is a substantial likelihood of public confusion.  That is, it is
> reasonable for someone who is familiar with the Debian web site to assume
> that such a close copy, although with entirely different text, implies
> some connection or endorsement relationship with Debian.  This is a far
> more serious problem than whether the HTML is credited.
> -- Mike

Something else to consider: there could be some French users who see this
other site first, and then they see the Debian site... leading them to
believe that it was Debian who shamelessly copied the API site!  OK,
OK.  Not many users will be in that situation, but you must admit that it
will definitely make Debian look bad.  In other words, what these guys are
doing may definitely have a negative impact in Debian's public image,
unless they specifically give credit to Debian.

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