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Re: KDE libs

On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 04:41:47PM +0000, Daniel Glassey wrote:
> It's a pain bringing this up again (KDE and stuff), but it would be useful 
> to know what the position on kde-libs (for KDE 2)is.
> If the licensing is ok and someone will maintain it, will it be allowed into 
> woody so that other apps that use it, qt and have the qt exception to the 
> GPL could be included as well.
> >From the README of the first beta kde-libs-1.90:
> 'Licensing
> -----------
> The libraries themselves have been covered (since Saturday, June 21st, 1997) 
> by the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).

The libraries themselves are OK.

> Any other programs (such as the examples) are covered by the GNU
> General Public License (GPL).

Any other programs (such as examples) are not ok, unless they have the
qt exception.

> All the gory details for the LGPL reside in COPYING.LIB, and for the
> GPL reside in COPYING.
> Various parts are also covered under a BSD style license, detailed in 
> COPYING.BSD.  Currently, code covered under such license is copyrighted by 
> Theo de Raadt.'

This last bit doesn't change anything.

> Is this includable?

You might need to do a bit of work (getting the qt exception approved
by whoever is appropriate) before including the programs.


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