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KDE libs

It's a pain bringing this up again (KDE and stuff), but it would be useful to know what the position on kde-libs (for KDE 2)is.

If the licensing is ok and someone will maintain it, will it be allowed into woody so that other apps that use it, qt and have the qt exception to the GPL could be included as well.

From the README of the first beta kde-libs-1.90:

The libraries themselves have been covered (since Saturday, June 21st, 1997) by the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). Any other programs (such as the examples) are covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL). All the gory details for the LGPL reside in COPYING.LIB, and for the GPL reside in COPYING.

Various parts are also covered under a BSD style license, detailed in COPYING.BSD. Currently, code covered under such license is copyrighted by Theo de Raadt.'

Is this includable?

Apologies if I've missed the bit where this has already been sorted, or have got something completely wrong.


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