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Re: GNU License and Computer Break Ins

> Absolutely. The GPL rule is that *if* you want to distribute your
> modifications, you must make the source available. If you only modify
> for personal use, you are under no obligation to distribute.

After the fact, I'm reading the GPL again and don't find support for
your position.  If yours is the common understanding, then o.k.

However, if you just search for "modify", it only pops up in three
sections:  Sections 4 and 5 say that you can make modifications only in
accordance with the GPL.  So that leaves Section 2 to explain how you
can make modifications and what duties that puts you under.

Section 2 says, "You may modify . . . and copy and distribute . . ."  It
does not say "or."  It says "and."

Nothing else in the entire GPL covers modifications.  So to me, the
obvious reading, especially given the strong language in Sections 4 and
5, is that you can make modifications AND copy AND distribute OR you
shall not make modifications.

Furthermore, my interpretation seems to further the general spirit of
the GPL more than the interpretation that you put forward.

Paul Serice

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