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Re: GPLv3 suggestion to solve KDE/QT problem and others

On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 10:07:27PM +0200, Adi Stav wrote:
> > QPLed code can't be distributed under the GPL. Code which is linked
> > into the program is part of the program. What part of that don't you
> > understand?
> I can't see how it would allow Troll to re-release GPL code under the
> QPL, or (more to the point, as I've agreed that the QPL should not
> considered a Free license) how anyone could re-release GPL code under
> a different Free license other than the GPL.

Ok, so you've agreed that QPL should not be considered a free license.

Wouldn't you then say that if QPLed code is incorporated into a GPLed
program that that part of the GPLed program would not be free?

> Anyhow, if you consider any Free license a "good enough" license than
> additions or mofifications to your code under such a license are also
> ok.

But if the QPL is not a Free license, why should it be considered
"good enough"?

Not sure I'm understanding your point...


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