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Re: kde and debian a long love story :)

Maybe an alternate solution

Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> wrote in
>In the case of KDE, big chunks of it are written for use with Qt.  So,
>it would be really trivial for the authors to grant explicit permission
>to distribute their software with Qt.  But they haven't -- at least,
>not the last time I checked.
>And, you have to ask yourself:  Why?
>And the answer, I think, is that if they did, the pieces of software
>which weren't originally written for Qt would stand out.  And, a KDE with
>those pieces missing would be a lot less attractive than KDE as a whole.
>If the KDE folks would make a reasonably solid statement of permission,
>[something that counts as a legal grant of permission] we could probably
>distribute most of KDE (last time I checked, there were only six packages
>which had problems -- nontrivial packages, but only six of them).
So what exactly do they need to do ? "a reasonably solid statement of
contact all kde developer to do so ?
Maybe asking them to LGPL is easier... We should propose them both

>In the mean time, we wait.
No more :)

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