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kde and debian a long love story :)

I don't want to talk about why kde isn't included in debian
or about the badness of the QPL or anything like that.

(i suppose you alerady know all these problems here is list
of url that can help you to get all the required info to
participe to this thread:

BUT instead talking about that, I WANT to FIND a solution to allow
kde be part of debian. I want to discuss with motivated people
that will examine all possible solutions of this problem and
find out a solution (and we will find one). Whatever solutions
are, from coding a QT clone to changing the US constitution.
All are welcomes. I think we must only think in a pratical
way and consider the time factor.

I see five solution possibles, let's begin with them.

1) cracking the QPL, i mean finding an exploit in the QPL.
a work for lawer-hacker :), it could be cool:)

2) coding a Qt clone, it worked fine for motif. but Qt is big
and it will take much time. a project known has harmony tried
to do that.

3) coding a Qt clone but with empty function that will allow
us to link kde without having to depend on Qt but kde wont
run but it will be distrubuable with debian. (Imagine that
lesstiff is early design, but aleready has all .h files
we could link program with it program won't run but if
you buy motif and ln -s libmotifcommercial libXm at the place
of lesstif it will run) The program is linke dynamiquely with
lesstif but it run with motif :) a question of words...
a lawer may help here too 

4) changing the license of KDE from GPL to LGPL,
i think LGPL allow linking with QPL, so we convince
all kde coders to switche and make a website inviting
all contributor to allow their code to pass from GPL
to LGPL.
A QUESTION NOW : In the licence it is said that you
can use GPLv2 or any upper version can't LGPL be considered
as GPLv2.1 ?

5) making pressure on troll.no to change to LGPL. With
all the hype currently around GPL. it could be possible.
Or asking RedHat or any linux-Startup to buy troll.no and
do the change for them :)

6) abolish Copyright on digitalisable media in the world (may
take more time)

I HOPE i will get CONSTRUCTIVE answer. Remeber that i don't
why we discuss here the WHY doing it, but only the HOW doing it.

Anthony Lesuisse wis@hotmail.com

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