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Re: is this free?

> it discriminates against people without regular internet access.

1. The IBM and Apple licenses also ask for you to have a URL where your
   modifications can be found. I suspect things under those licenses are
   already accepted into main. This is specificaly negociated _for_debian_
   from IBM and Apple's previous policy, which required email with _every_

2. Many people are capable of putting something on the web for you if you
   mail them a floppy. I'd do it if asked. I also give out free web sites
   to worthy causes, as do many people. So I don't think that regular internet
   access is a true barrier, and there are few places left in the world where
   irregular access can not be had.

3. I think it's _really_ stretching the point, anyway.

4. It's not a usage fee, and usage fees _would_ run awry of the DFSG.



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