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Re: is this free?

On Nov 22, Raul Miller wrote:
> it discriminates against people without regular internet access.
> Also, it effectively requires a fee for use, unless you consider the
> time of the person who uses it to have no value.  [same issue.]

It seems to be designed to protect users from being sued by anyone who
might have a right to the code (other than AT&T of course), since it
would be illegal for you to use the code if AT&T didn't have a valid
right to license it in the first place.

It's like me saying: I wrote this code, but there may be people in the
universe who think they have rights to it.  If there are, and their
claims are legitimate, then it may be illegal for me to distribute the
code and for you to use it (at least under the current license).  I
will update the license if this becomes the case.

To put it another way: we're not entirely sure the schmuck who "wrote"
this code didn't steal it from Microsoft.  So we're covering our butts
and yours by reserving the right to revise the license if that is
actually the case (however remote the possibility).

IANAL, of course.  Would be nice if we had one around here ;-)

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