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Re: LPRng in stable non-free or wrong man page?

Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@msu.edu> writes:
> Gerhard Poul <gp@media.atnet.at> writes:

> >        LPRng is distributed under the GNU  software  license  for
> >        non-commercial  use, the Artistic License for limited com=AD
> >        mercial use.  Commerical support and licensing  is  avail=AD
> >        able through Patrick Powell <papowell@sdsu.edu>.

> > This software should be in non-free.

> What makes you think that it is non-free?

We've been through this before: it is not clear whether the author

    This is GPLed with the added restriction that I don't allow
    commercial use
    This is GPLed, but I don't even know the proper name for the
    GPL, so I'll just call it "the GNU software license for
    noncommercial use". Anywayz, you know what I mean, right?

and similarly for the reference to the Artistic.

In the first case the program is not DFSG-free; in the second case
it is. The problem is whether Debian will risk basing its
classification on the *assumption* that the second case applies.

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